Real World Testing: Ford Ranger Takes on Some of the Toughest Jobs in Asia Pacific

Mon, Dec 19, 2016

Between having to catch a crocodile, scale a mountain with a heavy load weighing you down and driving through a raging typhoon, people in Asia Pacific are tasked with some of the grittiest jobs in the most merciless conditions.

More and more of them are turning to their pick-up truck to get the job done, with the segment growing across the region.

Six people from six countries needed a tough and capable truck to help them take on some of their most trying tasks. Could the Ford Ranger help them conquer these challenges?

Documented in a six-part web series, Built Ford Tough: Field Tests, see how the Ranger fared in these real life conditions faced by people in Asia Pacific every day.

Six countries, six challenges … Episode by episode:


  • The Challenger: Ira Uzair, off-road enthusiast
  • The Challenge: Take on the rough and rugged roads of Kota Belud to reach a secluded campsite. Kota Belud in the western region of Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo is known for incredibly tough 4x4 terrain and great camping. The drive up, through steep trails covered with deep troughs, uneven surfaces and huge potholes, is far from easy.


  • The Challenger: Adam Britton, world-renowned zoologist
  • The Challenge: Advance research in to the Northern Territory’s deadliest inhabitant: the saltwater crocodile. Drive 90 kilometers down the Adelaide River, over the corrugated, unsealed roads of the outback, to monitor and catch one of these deadly creatures.

New Zealand

  • The Challenger: Michael Stil, proprietor of Nikau Contractors Ltd
  • The Challenge: Tow one of Nikau’s large excavator buckets from their depot, through a muddy forest, to a demolition site in the middle of Auckland on a cold, wet and windy winter day. The journey isn’t very long, but the conditions are grueling – between the narrow, winding trails, and sludgy and slippery ground, the trip is no walk in the park.


  • The Challenger: Tuchphol “Kit” Pholthavorn, forest ranger
  • The Challenge: Carry nearly double the number of saplings up a mountain to be planted in areas affected by illegal deforestation. The off-road conditions on the mountain not only include ruts etched into the mountain, narrow pathways and uneven surfaces, but also muddy hills and deep rivers to wade through.


  • The Challenger: Ferdinand “Ferdz” Recio, wildlife veterinarian
  • The Challenge: Endure nearly six hours behind the wheel, on winding, typhoon-soaked roads, with delicate medicines and equipment in the back, to get to a remote part of the Philippines and treat animals that fell sick because of the typhoon.


  • The Challenger: Hung Lam, automotive journalist at a Vietnamese media outlet
  • The Challenge: With nearly 1,000 kilograms of cargo loaded up in the tray and driving at 2,000 meters above sea level where oxygen levels are waning, Hung and the Ranger have to brave the arduous six-hour journey from Hanoi to a remote village atop a mountain to deliver donated books, food and clothing to children.

To watch these videos, visit the Ford Malaysia YouTube page.


*images shown may vary from actual vehicle