Hands-free phone calls

Make calls. Answer calls. Dial numbers. Ford SYNCTM lets you do it all with just a few words so your eyes stay safely on the road and your hands on the wheel.

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Hands-free music and entertainment

Listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts from just about any media device, any way you like, hands-free. Search, select, play specific titles, change your mind. Plug-in your USB or MP3 player or stream via BluetoothTM Audio.

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Hear text messages

Just ask and Ford SYNCTM will read out incoming text messages, while you drive.

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Find your perfect comfort level. Just say your preferred temperature and let Ford SYNCTMadjust automatically to suit you.

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Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth® SIG Inc., and is used under license. Some phones are not compatible.

Operating certain parts of the Ford SYNCTM system while driving can distract your attention away from the road and may be prohibited by local laws. Do not change system settings or enter data non-verbally (using your hands) while driving. Stop the vehicle in a safe and legal manner before attempting these operations. Always make sure you comply with local road laws/ rules when using the Ford SYNCTM .

*images shown may vary from actual vehicle